Kevin Bracy

High Energy assemblies that will leave an impact on students, staff, and parents alike.

Kevin's dynamic presentations are the perfect balance of quiet reflection and high-energy engagement. Your audience will leave feeling optimistic, energized, and ready to make a difference for your organization in the spirit of GREATNESS.

Dynamic Event Emcee/Host

Kevin's open, friendly, fashionable, and well-prepared style will create a fun environment and keep your event's agenda moving. I personally don't care from which corner you take pictures from the website

Killer Closing Keynotes, Corporate and beyond!

Engaging Professional Development

Kevin will encourage your team to take a moment to check in with themselves, connect with each other, and revisit their reasons for joining your team.


"Shout Out to you, Coach Greatness, because you have made our school a better environment and made every student kind and nice!!!"


The kids were all so happy after school. It was just a different feeling around here thanks to Kevin.”

MS Asst Principal

“All our lives we have been told to be the change we wish to see in the world. For the first time we were told HOW to do it, and I now realize that it is a goal well within my reach. Thank you for sharing your story and message with us. You have changed lives and now we can do the same.”

HS Student Designation

“I just wanted to tell you that I am so happy you do what you do! Before you came and spoke at my school I judged people and had suicidal thoughts, but once you spoke to us all of it changed. I am now not judging people before I get to know them. And I also try to keep my head high and stay positive. Thank you so much for everything you do and please keep inspiring people!

MS Student Designation

“You still have everyone saying your chant! all loved it. It was so awesome and you got our attention in the best way. What you are doing is just so inspirational. I am glad you were able to come to our school, because, within seconds of your assembly being over, kids were following your steps. We weren’t even out of the PAC yet!!!! That is your effect on people. I will always remember what you said; you couldn’t have said it any better. Continue your wildest dreams!! We all love you so much and wish you the best on your journey of making the world a better place. Thanks, Mr. Bracy, you just changed so many people’s lives.”

middle school student Designation

“ I have a BIG feeling these chants are going to make their way into our school culture like a wild fire!”

Elementary Assistant Principal Designation

“Thank you for making a huge impact in the lives of our youth in the community! You rock!”

Parent Designation

“Kevin, what you have done for students, teachers, and the Sac community can’t be expressed in words. Your greatness is enthusiastic and contagious.”

-MS Principal Designation

“I helped someone today. They said they were having a bad day. And I said, remember when ur mind goes negative ur mouth goes positive. Got it from u. U the best.”

MS Student Designation

“What an awesome day we had, I’m so proud of my students and faculty. Your message, our reinforcement on a daily basis, and students’ willingness to be open and accepting is the difference. Thank you for all you do!”

MS Principal Designation

“Happiness is hearing your 1st graders chanting "I'm cool, I'm kind, I've got greatness on my mind" randomly throughout the day. Thank you for all that you do!”

-Elementary Teacher Designation

Kevin is a life-long member of the San Juan Unified School district community. He started as a student in the district and has continued to make a positive impact in the last 10 years as a keynote speaker and valued guest at numerous school and district trainings, conferences, and workshops. He has inspired students and staff to be the best versions of themselves and to reach out to others. Kevin’s genuine, positive, and captivating messages leave you ready to make change through action.

Christina Sparks Designation