We've all heard the old saying, "It takes a village to raise a child." For Kevin, it wasn't just a saying, it was his reality. It took multiple families in the community, 26 Teachers, 8 coaches and 3 principals along with Mary, the campus monitor; Ms. Stewart, the bus driver, Mrs. Costello, the counselor and the many office ladies he encountered as he waited to see the Principal time and time again!

It is his personal experiences that gives him the insight and knowledge which allows him to deliver the right message to educators, faculty and classified staff on your campus or in your district. Kevin's success today is due to all those who stepped forward and provided guidance, giving him the ability to authentically communicate the power of the role they play and the influence they have in the lives of our youth. Simply put, Educators and all that work with them in the school setting are the difference makers and that's exactly how they will feel when they leave a Kevin Bracy keynote, workshop, or personal conversation.

Highlights of Kevin’s 2-part keynote/workshop -

Raising Greatness

Educators, as you know, play an important role in the foundation and influencing of our youth. Kevin credits his teachers with unknowingly planting the seed that he had GREATNESS in him thus RAISING GREATNESS with their kind actions, positive words, high expectations, and tireless effort.

Chinese Bamboo Tree

In this powerful piece, Kevin uses the Chinese Bamboo Tree as a metaphor for the attention, persistence, consistency and integrity it requires to raise greatness in our youth today.

Question. Declaration. Truth.

Kevin respectfully challenges educators with what he calls "Q.D.T." His goal is to get them to ask themselves the Question; to turn the Declaration into an Affirmation and to receive the Truth about the influence they have in the lives of our youth.

Chasing Greatness

Kevin then spins the energy in the room by introducing ideas about how to BRACE Yourself to Chase Greatness every day. Here he shares ideas, techniques, and strategies about how to refresh and replenish your energy daily whether you've been teaching for 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 years or beyond.

Each One, REACH One

To influence a positive shift on campus, in Kevin’s final, resounding message, he issues the same challenge to your educators as he does the students; to Each One REACH One, every single day.

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