When you book Kevin Bracy to kick-off or close your corporate event you will get a well-prepared, experienced, on-time and professional communicator.

Kevin’s keynote messages will spark your corporate team to raise their level of consciousness and standards (efforts) in how they go about executing their tasks every day. They are going to kick up their activity level, resulting in increased profits for themselves and for your company. Not only will they be fired up about coming to work or getting out in the field tomorrow, they are going to know exactly what to do to sustain and maintain that motivation for days/weeks/months beyond the event. You will notice the shift in your corporate culture/work place immediately.


This keynote is designed to kick-off or close-out your event, Kevin, “Your Greatness Coach,” will get your team fired up to execute their duties at their highest level of Greatness (Best Effort). Kevin will explain the distinction between the four “standards” one can CHOOSE in how they approach work and life every day:

  1. Show Up Standard
  2. Average Standard
  3. Good Standard
  4. Greatness Standard
  5. How to Maintain Your Everyday Motivation

After Kevin delivered this keynote to one of his corporate clients, he was called "The King of the Kick-Off Keynote!" Why? Because it's easy to go to a company event and get excited about the information given, but it's something all together different to leave the event with action steps on how to MAINTAIN AND SUSTAIN your motivation after all the emotions, clapping, and "good intentions" that were stimulated during the event die down. That's exactly why Kevin designed this message—to keep you up-Up-UP when the motivation from the event starts to die DOWN-Down-down.

Embracing Change is Where Progress Begins...

In this Kick-Off/Closing Keynote, Kevin unravels the two potential pathways an organization can take when faced with change. Kevin will breakdown the mentality that's necessary to help your organization transition smoothly through changing times, times that the great business philosopher Peter Drucker calls the "Era of the 3 C's: accelerated Change, overwhelming Complexity, and tremendous Competition." Kevin will provide your team with the tools they need to use CHANGE as a catalyst for progress that leads to SUCCESS.